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Don't get caught with your pants down

Steps to take to get off in privacy, December 2, 2021

In this day and age the average person has now switched from watching porn to being able to get in on the action themselves with thousands of ultra realistic porn games they can access straight from their phone. It’s truly a time to be alive with all of the options a person now has to get off. However, despite this tremendous shift in the way we consume our porn, there is one risk that is still very prominent – the fear of getting caught!

Those moments when someone enters the room without knocking while you are indulging yourself in self pleasure or a nosey partner accessing your system without permission to find your stash of free VR porn games can be embarrassing, and not to mention, completely ruin the mood. Let's put all those fears in the past. In this article we will deal with the issue of how to save yourself from those inquisitive people and not get caught with your pants down. There are simple steps everyone should be aware of to help you to ride the pleasure train without any unexpected - and awkward – stops.

Don’t Underestimate the Bathroom

If you are someone who has access to more than one bathroom in your place, especially a joint one, then this is a room that can prove to be a safe haven for you. Let’s be realistic, most of us have had their first jerk off experience in the bathroom, so why not use that as a place to try out the modern technology of VR porn games too.

Check the Volume

Now you may find yourself asking the question how to do that. It is quite obvious that unless you are staying alone, you will be using headphones to explore the sensual and sexual world of reality porn game. However, here you need to keep one thing in mind. It is to check your volume. It is always advisable to start the porn game, remove your headphones while still keeping them connected to the system, check the sound and then get started with your pleasure journey.

Night is Beautiful and Best

Do you know the best way to not get caught when you are playing your favorite porn game? It is playing at night. Now you may ask why? The answer is simple! It is the time when everyone else is asleep and gives you the chance to completely indulge yourself without interruptions. Also, if you need to access that new pack of batteries or tissues, the sounds won’t attract anyone towards your room and you can play with total and absolute concentration.

Stay Aware Of the Space around You

We understand it’s easy to get lost in your porn game, especially when things really start to heat up. There is no denying that once you enter this sensual world the outside world may seem nonexistent to you. However, this is when you need to be paying attention. If you aren’t home alone it is always best to keep one headphone out and have your back towards a wall so no one can sneak up on you.

Don’t Leave a Trail

The last thing you want is that awkward conversation from a family member or partner that just discovered your folder or apps of porn games. Avoiding this has become a lot easier these days with hundreds porn games that do not require you to download anything onto your device. These types of games have become very common and there are some sites that only host these types of games such as sexsimulator.com. To add another measure of stealth always make sure you are using your incognito mode while on your internet browser.

The world of porn games has created an escape from the real world and have given the players a first class ticket to complete sexual satisfaction. Enjoy yourself to the fullest with some extra steps of precautions and keep what business you do in your personal time exactly that, your business.

With that being said, happy gaming!

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